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25th September 2011

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I don’t think I ever made a proper post about it

But Friday night I heard some scenes from Wagner’s Ring [Ride of the Valkyries, Siegfried’s Death and Funeral March, and the Immolation Scene, to be exact] and Beethoven’s 9th Symphony.

Some of you may not remember, but a while back I kinda bashed Beet’s masterwork, its final movement in particular. Called it “disjointed and unmusical” if I recall.

Oh how wrong I was.

So this is pretty much a retraction post. 

First of all, listening to a recording I couldn’t -feel- what they were saying. At the concert, they had supertitles. They weren’t 100% accurate as far as what they were singing, but you got the idea; for instance it just said “All men will be…” when they’re singing “alle Menschen- alle Menschen- alle Menschen-” which, if you’re not reading a translation, just sounds cool but doesn’t really move you. 

Knowing the poem certainly helps. Reading the words as they’re being sung helps a tonne. 

Not to say the music isn’t fantastic in its own right, it is. I must’ve just gotten a hold of a bad recording because it’s thrilling stuff.

Also, I’ve heard bad reviews of Mahler’s reworking of the Symphony, but I didn’t have a single complaint. The strings were awesome, the brass was brilliant, and the winds were loud as they should be. It was all very loud, and frankly I think Mahler was right in thinking it should be incredibly loud [though, if I recall, I think the soloists got drowned out just a little at one point].

Anyway… omg I love it and now I know why everyone else loved it.

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